Careers in Construction Month Spotlights Dynamic Job Opportunities

October is Careers in Construction Month. Learn why raising awareness about opportunities in this industry is important for both companies and workers.

Careers in Construction Month Spotlights Dynamic Job Opportunities

October is Careers in Construction Month. Learn why raising awareness about opportunities in this industry is important for both companies and workers.
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Happy woman on construction site highlights the importance of Careers in Construction Month.

Job growth has surged in 2021. And the construction industry shows no sign of slowing. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates our industry will need to add more than 400,000 jobs this year alone. That’s a big reason MPC is proud to shine a spotlight on the many career opportunities in our industry by supporting Careers in Construction Month during October.

Careers in Construction is an initiative from Build Your Future (BYF). It draws state and industry representatives together to promote construction careers to students, veterans, and others. BYF is the arm of the National Center for Construction Education and Research that spearheads advocacy and promotional efforts toward potential industry employees.

An Evolving Industry

Change in consumer demands is fueling a boom in new construction and remodeling. Our industry is constantly evolving and adapting, and new careers are being born every day. Construction careers offer the opportunity to be part of this changing landscape. Cities like Denver and Austin are experiencing record growth. The result is dynamic job opportunities that give workers the chance to be part of this historic development. 

MPC understands the importance of this critical juncture. A big part of that future growth also means supporting our overall industry. With the construction industry across the United States facing a shortage of workers, these outreach efforts become even more crucial. Careers in Construction Month celebrates valued employees already in the industry and proactively encourages more workers to take a look at these exciting careers. 

Recruitment Opportunities for Companies

The construction industry took a hit during the early months of the pandemic. However, the industry rebounded strongly as both homeowners and businesses reassessed their future needs. That dynamic rebound created a severe worker shortage that must be addressed immediately and for the long-term.

However, the news is not all bad. This unique situation presents an opportunity for companies to attract top talent. Construction companies that take advantage of internship programs often find valuable employees. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 56 percent of interns become full-time employees.

Many doors provide entry into the construction industry and lead to a variety of career paths. For example, an internship could lead to a project engineer role. In turn, that role could take an employee down the project manager or superintendent route. Ultimately, someone who started as an intern could end up taking on a director or VP role.

Don’t limit internship programs to skilled construction positions. Construction companies rely on a ton of office staff. These include administrative positions, accounting, human resources, and marketing. 

In addition, a huge segment of the industry is involved in pre-construction activities. Design, engineering, scheduling, materials acquisition, bid creation and compliance are just some areas with internship possibilities. Consider including these positions in your recruitment program. 

IT in construction is another high-demand sector. As technology continues to drive innovation, the demand for engineers, IT specialists, electronics specialists, and others will increase as well. 

Now is the time for employers to take advantage of the hot job market to recruit top talent. 

Diverse Career Opportunities for Jobseekers

The construction industry also covers a broad expanse of the American culture and marketplace. Attract top talent by ensuring jobseekers know about the diverse opportunities out there. Many exciting career paths might touch on interests they didn’t equate with construction.

For example, construction is often divided into two broad categories,  residential and commercial. However, within each of those fields are boundless possibilities. Residential construction can span from single-family homes to condos and townhomes. Multi-family projects vary from quad units to towering residential skyscrapers. Within each of these, skills ranging from interior designers and decorators to structural engineers are needed.

Jobseekers may also find the world of remodeling appealing. History buffs, environmental enthusiasts, and many other passions can be satisfied by restoring the old. 

Commercial construction also spans the gamut of interest. It includes designing and building for health care systems, government, education, tech industries, manufacturing, sports and many other industries. Workers in these sectors enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to building a community of essential services.

The Importance of Company Culture and Values

Skills aren’t the only important factor to healing the worker shortage. As jobseekers consider their options, it’s important to be well-matched with company culture and values. Work consumes a fair share of a person’s lifetime. As a result, employees are happiest when they work for an employer who shares their values and ideals. And, happy employees lead to productive and loyal workers. 

For companies, ensure your values are clearly explained on your website and communicated during the interview. For example, at MPC, values take a front seat to specific skills and experience when it comes to onboarding new employees. Initial interviews usually focus on the values and integrity both our company and the candidate bring to the table. Plus, we clearly state our mission and vision, so employees can review before they even apply. 

Along with skills, hire for teachability and emotional intelligence (EQ). Look for traits like honesty, humility, empathy, and active listening. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to hire someone who can teach you a thing or two.

MPC Supports and Nurtures Our Team

Whether they work in the field or in an office, each employee’s ideas are valued. We believe our employees should not be confined in silos. Team members experience many opportunities for cross-training. Ultimately, we want them to be involved in the big picture. 

Our most valuable employees are those who can step into multiple roles to address the needs of our clients and our company. Many staff members have been with the company since its start and have grown into new roles throughout the years.

We encourage employees to take the initiative and lead from their position, whatever it may be. We believe these values and traits create long-term relationships within our team and with our clients. As a result, this approach will continue to fuel the growth of our company and our industry.

These are the shared values that form the core of our company:

  • Principled: Always doing what we know is right and fair.
  • Leadership: Taking initiative and providing direction for all stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Allegiance: Dedication to be an advocate for our clients and our company’s best interests.
  • Considerate: Approach everyone from a positive, helpful perspective with humility and empathy.
  • Earnest: Conviction for being thorough and accurate in everything we do.

Visit our careers page to learn about opportunities available and our approach to careers in construction.

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